Akanishi and KTTUN's Difference in Interest

・Eyewitness report of KTUN before the announcement of the 2way concert

 >73 ▽名無しさん@西麻布 2010/02/18(木) 18:52:22 ID:tjo4HJa40[ez]
Kamenashi, Koki, Ueda, Nakamaru, and a staff? Manager? The 5 of them are eating right now...
They're being noisy for some reason, but a screen is in the way so I can't see them ;;
They're so noisy saying things like "Solidarity Ooooh!" and stuff w
Akanishi and Taguchi don't seem to be there. They're going "Look forward look forward yossha!" w

Looking at the date, the post was made before the 2way concert was announced (March)
At this time, Akanishi in the middle of his solo concert at Nissei theater that is said to be connected to the LA concert offer

・KAT-TUN Style
Ueda's birthday
Koki: Yesterday, 10/4, was Ueda Tatsuya, Uepom's birthday!
KokiJunno: Happy birthday!! (clap clap clap~~)
Junno: How old is he? Twenty~~~six?! (laughs)
Koki: He's already 6~
Junno: That's the *** age
Koki: Yeah~ He's already a good old man so let's do our best
Junno: Hahahaha "old man" how mean

Kamenashi's birthday
Koki-san said「Today was Kamenashi Kazuya's happy 24th birthday」
Junno-san then said「Huh, should we sing!?」 and the two of them sang happy birthday while being embarrassed♪ dear Kazuya~♪! So cute!!
Koki-san said he's going to give Kame-chan「love」 (laughs)
Junno-san tsukkomi'd him with「That's gross!」 (laughs)

Akanishi's birthday
This is KAT-TUN's Tanaka Koki
This is Taguchi Junnosuke
So um yesterday... the 4th
...is Akanishi-kun's birthday
Ah, happy birthday
Ha-h, happy birthday. He's already... 26
He's at the 2nd half (of his twenties)
It's quick, isn't it
Please have a good year and... well, do your best
Then let's go with maximum tension for Monday
KAT-TUN Style!

Not a single comment after that
It's pretty amusing if you listen to it
Akanishi fans are being quiet this time, right? (laughs)

559  名無しさん  2010/07/06(Tue) 06:29
I recorded it but >>557s is really word for word
He's already like an unrelated person and they just went over it quickly
I wondered if they would continue after the title call but they already changed topics to Summer Premium
It looks like Akanishi will be able to part from the five without any ill feelings from them
It was a 10 seconds that let me know that they already don't care

・Comments in magazines
Kamenashi「I've had the resolution to be in KAT-TUN since a long time ago」
Taguchi「Even if there's times I have to challenge things I hate or am not good at, those aren't even hardships」
Tanaka「I want to KAT-TUN even if it's by myself」
Ueda「I want to do anything if it'll be a plus for KAT-TUN」
Nakamaru「We should become a group where fans can cheer us on with peace of mind」

Akanishi「Friends are priority over work」

・6/29 Freecell & The day the 東スポ about Akanishi's temporary return to the country goes on sale
Kamenashi「Right now, each of us are going on while thinking of our necessity to be in a group called KAT-TUN and valuing the team called KAT-TUN
If one can't think that,「There's no need to be in KAT-TUN ne」
The five of us properly talked about even that」

Koki 「It isn't that I particularly love Kame or love Ueda
It isn't even that I love Taguchi or Nakamaru
But I don't think that I could work with anyone besides these guys
That's why even if they aren't my best friends, they're my best work buddies
It'd be best if it could be that way」

The same day of Akanishi's return to the country Tokyo Sports on sale
「It was fun」
You interacted with pretty blond girl dancers on stage. Are you going to do that in the next tour too
「I don't know~」
It was a concert with R&B and hip hop as the main thing
「Because they're my favorite kind of music...」
Is it more fun than KAT-TUN
「...That's right」
You also had a song that attacked paparazzi in your concert. You hate paparazzi
「No, it isn't that I particularly hate paparazzi. I'm thankful that they take pictures. But they write rumors and stuff. Even now, if I speak too much...」
They're aiming for you because you're a star
「Mufufu(Looks down while grinning, does a「You said well」 gesture to the reporter)
Putting that aside, are the rumors about you leaving KAT-TUN
「That too. That won't happen. Or rather, I don't know what's going to happen」
Are you keeping in contact with the members
「No, not really...」
「You're mistaken! I've put a halt to my cellphone services right now. I'm not even contacting my parents」
Why did you stop it
「My cellphone plan is set to stop if the bill reaches the 3~40000yen area. I used that cellphone for work and stuff so it got stopped!」
But you're an idol
「Pft(Looks down while grinning again)」
There's also talk of you doing a collaboration with Kobayashi Takeshi-san
「(seemingly on purpose) Hah? Koba, Kobayashi? I haven't heard that~」
There's talk of you doing an outdoor concert organized by Kobayashi-san
「Really? What's been going on in Japan while I've been gone? (laughs) An outdoor live? I want to do it!!!」
There's also talk of you doing a duet with Kuroki Meisa-san produced by Kobayashi-san
「(seemingly on purpose) Eh? Who? Kuruki... Meisa? I don't know. I haven't heard that before. Seriously, what's been happening?」
Then there's no duet
「I don't know. Please check with Meisa-chan」
Lastly, a 「big success」 pose for the camera
「No, I don't like that kind of stuff so...」

The moment Akanishi returns to the country, KTTUN goes to Korea as if to avoid him

・7/4 KTTUN Summer Premium day
They said We can simply do a hook-up like this ne
We can each go to a dome and do 5 big domes like this

KTTUN completely doesn't talk about Akanishi during the event

Akanishi on the same day the members are doing their handshake meet
2010-07-04 17:09:59
Akanishi Troops

The club wasn't normal yesterday, it was crowded(゜Д゜)
It was Akanishi's birthday so there's too many fans

The fans just look around so they're a bother and my head got all weird (laughs)
Those around me were really scared by the abnormal amount of people gathering and said
『Why are there so many people here today!?』It's normal to think that ne~
The fans were really a bother since they only came to see Akanishi
A conversation like 「It's already past 1 o'clock, he won't come」 started
They talked about quickly going home and then he came, Akanishi Jin (laughs)
He just normally walked. The 5 troops came in~
What an idiot for coming on his birthday!
It seems that 〇〇〇 and 〇〇〇 and 〇〇〇 came but I honestly don't care!
〇〇〇 came but went home one hour later so it had nothing to do with Akanishi's birthday(^0^)/
One thing I learned was that fans are a bother. I'm a fan too but I'm different!
It's painful to see because they're putting out so much of a fan aura. Plus they're a bother just standing there
They were gathered around the VIP area to try and peak through so we couldn't go to the toilet and all they talked about was Jin, I can't believe it

Which reminds me, last night
There was a kid who unusually called me with a high tension
Akanishi-kun who should've been in America
seemed to have come back to Japan for his birthday
and it seems they were able to talk
〇〇kun was also there
but he came along with ○ so he looked like he didn't want to be there
They got the contact address too
They said they'd be able to meet him when he returns to Japan
and after saying all that they hung up (laughs)

2010-07-04 10:31:07
Nishikido and Akanishi were at the table next to us!!!
I heard that Akanishi comes often
but Nishikido-kun was there so my tension went up!
Akanishi's super lame!!!! lol
He was dressed up weirdly and he did his best to talk to the foreigners but
they kept going "What? What?" lol
Nishikido-kun got too drunk along the way and died.
When I tried to touch Nishikido-kun, I got scolded badly by my older sister....
I got told "Going kyaakyaa to a celebrity is really lame" lol


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