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09/11/2 担当(嶋)
Today, I checked the VTR of a certain male idol's solo interview.
Maa, it was one unwilling comment after another. I wonder if he didn't like something,
it isn't as if they asked anything about his private life, and if I were to frankly say so, there's nothing usable!
If I can, I want to reject this (I told the other party)
It's ok if you don't answer everything with smiles, I don't know if he's shy or wild
but this is your own work so let's answer the questions correctly. I was rather disappointed.
During the debut, I had paid attention to him because a super grade A guy had appeared but...
Someone tell him... to Akanishi Jin, you! (嶋)

TV Asahi Entertainment desk diary
09/11/09 担当(嶋)
I got a mail from a user going "嶋, shut up!!"
It can't run out with me, so I'll do my best to update every day!

東スポ came out on Fukuoka local just now
What is that double chin 笑
The caster was about to go onto Akanishi's topic, but went "Ah, but first this" and they showed a senpai group's CM so he looked even more dirty
"Is it more fun than being in a group" "Yeah", he said it as if he was making fun of them so the commentator said "You're an adult already so you should think of your manners a bit"... he got told something like that at such an age 笑
It was local so they just noncommittally aired it

142  名無しさん  2010/06/30(Wed) 08:52
So he was acknowledged as a bad guy again? 笑

143  名無しさん  2010/06/30(Wed) 09:12
「You're an adult already so you should think of your manners a bit」
No matter who looks at it, one's impression of Akanishi is a dirty guy

But his big successful笑 LA concert was ignored笑


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