From Takarashima This Movie is Amazing Monthly

Is Akanishi Jin going to leave the group!?
Johnny's biggest problem child's behavior is escalating!
Akanishi Jin who declared 「I think that what I want to do will be understood more overseas」 and went off to America alone, completely skipping KAT-TUN's concert tour.
He has a solo concert decided for LA's Club Nokia in June, but his schedule is blank afterwards.
He'll be staying from May to October doing promotions and is said to have a national club tour offered to him by the promoter.
This Akanishi, who drove the society in a frenzy by declaring a "pause in entertainment activities" while using studying abroad as a reason in October '06.
At that time, he returned to KAT-TUN in half a year and for a short while said admirably 「I will change my heart and do my best」, but his 「me me」 disposition didn't change.
From the time he started his solo activities for his leading part in the movie BANDAGE, he has been dropping tantrums like「I'm not suited for a group」
「I don't want to go on tour if I don't have my own room」 and that is what led him to go to America this time.
「The group and jimusho management are baffled by his selfish actions, and the only single person that is lendinga hand is President Johnny Kitagawa. It seems that he was devotedly raising him by giving massages and taking him out to eat.
Akanishi may have seen that and was greatly delighted as he thought『I'm needed in this jimusho like I thought』.
It would be fine if he realized that this step forward in America is President Johnny's "final act of parental love"...」
Akanishi who came into work drunk, thinking that his private life is his priority.
Exactly where is the place that a guy who says 「It's ok if only the people who understand, understands. Because I'm just going to go to the next stage」 is aiming for...

(Quoted from From Takarashima This Movie is Amazing Monthly)

* My way of viewing things is different

2010年1月11日放送 From「Sukkiri!!」
In addition to that, he says things like「My view isn't shaken」 and even the chairman加藤浩次 has an expression of『??』.

* I smile during my solo work

「VoCE」2010年4月号 In a cross-talk with the members, when it was commented that his half-hearted expression was「like an iron mask」. It's because you say things like this that you're excluded.

* My private life is my first priority rather than work.

2010年1月17日放送 From「Bokura no Jidai」
First priority=最優先事項 (same thing in Japanese), wouldn't it be good to say it in Japanese?

* I was worried because the「演("en", play/stage)」 in 滝沢演舞場 (Takizawa's Playhouse) became a「炎 ("en", blaze)」.

2010年3月25日 What he said on the reopening of Takizawa's Playhouse, which was suspended for a while due to a small fire.
It was a gathering of booing「Even those who were injured appeared, he's too KY!」

(Quoted from From Takarashima This Movie is Amazing Monthly)
※Actually, Akanishi said 「I heard that the 「演」 in 演舞場 (playhouse) ended up becoming becoming「炎」 *laughs*」

In the 7 city tour, his changing form... the uneasiness around the place still continues!
The audience of the LA concert was mainly wildly enthusiastic fans from Japan, and even the media is all from Asia
In this condition, can he even attract customers in a national tour?
Because of hi self-indulging way of life, his chin and stomach are baggy
There isn't a trace of the idol who once dominated a generation
This will be hard, very hard *laughs*
The likeness was exactly the same too but..
While Akanishi eats hamburgers and donuts with a shirt of an American flag on, the 5 members quickly pulled back and laughed saying "Just do as you like already"

(From From Takarashima This Movie is Amazing Monthly)


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