Akanishi Jin's Friend's Words on Twitter After Withdrawal

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342  anon  2010/07/21(Wed) 15:53


Akanishi's close friend? JOSH is making fun of KAT-TUN
I guess there's a lot of people in the world that was deceived by Akanishi in the end?
I browsed around KAT-TUN fan blogs, and are the idiots I see really feeling that way?

I googled it and it looks like he was the foreigner that appeared in Akanishi's concert

I can only think that he was influenced by what Akanishi said about KAT-TUN to those around him
A person normally wouldn't speak bad about a group their friend was in before


I think that everyone knows how Akanishi changed after his short studying abroad trip to LA four years ago
Why did he change so suddenly. A person doesn't change this much without some sort of influence
Of course there was the stimulus of the overseas artists, but the real cause was him meeting with his club friends
The guy named Josh Warnken is as you know, a good friend in the Akanishi troops.
He appeared in You&Jin. He helped with the lyrics of Akanishi and Crystal Kay's song "Wonder" and with Yamashita's song lyrics as well.
After Akanishi left the group, Josh tweeted this.

"K_t-tun hahaha no A no good!"
訳:K_T-TUN ははは Aが無しじゃ駄目だな!" (Japanese translation)


He also showed discontent when KAT-TUN took #1 with their single as 5 members

Josh's video blog
Traveling to Korea with Akanishi
Akanishi changes into a dumbass that only uses dirty English words

By the way, the reason Kusano, who was originally a fan of Kamenashi, started saying bad things about him was also due to Josh's influence.
This guy has made enemies with KAT-TUN fans.
The damage he's received is already big.
Akanishi may still say he likes KAT-TUN, but behind the scenes, he's making fun of them with Josh.


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