Fabrications from Akanishi Fans【Sales・Rankings Compilation】

Lying that the special for KAT-TUN「Going」 was a handshake event

The handshake was a surprise on the day of the event
There was no announcement on the contents of the event or which member would be coming and even those who were chosen did not know of it. You can't call a special that you don't know about, a handshake ticket that's attached

Lying that there are 5 versions of KAT-TUN's concert DVD

The regular edition has 5 different postcards in one copy. In other words, if you buy one copy, you get all 5 of them. You can't call that 5 versions

779 :名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!:2010/07/14(水) 12:26:22
FREECELL vol.4 Special with only Akanishi on the cover
Rank 68
Rank 22
2回 -
角川 Group Publishing
2010/01 960 yen
9334 copies
14717 copies
※It went on sale Sat. 1/30 so only the first bit is the amount sold in the first week

FREECELL vol.5  KAT-TUN cover, KAT-TUN special
Rank --
Rank 27
1回 -
角川 Group Publishing
2010/06 960 Yen
11161 copies
11161 copies

FREECELL First issue  Kame on the cover and Kame special
Out of ranking
Rank 30  Komiya Kazuyoshi 7419 copies  7419 copies

692 :名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!:2010/07/14(水) 17:18:56

I found the magic of the FREECELL numbers
Akanishi fans really make up stuff with all their strength, huh

If you look at this page, I think you'll see the trick, but to say it directly..
Kame's FREECELL went on sale 2008.02.27
And the Oricon data totals started from 2008.04.07
Numbers before that won't even be shown on the totals
The book on rank 30 with 7000 sold is a business book but it went on sale in March
No matter which rank you look at, the number of sales and total sales of the week before are shown as - -
And then the 5 member KAT-TUN's FREECELL only shows the first week's data(7月12日付)

In other words, Kame's FREECELL data isn't recorded(It was released a month before the totals started counting)
5 membered KAT-TUN's FREECELL only shows the release week's sales (No 2nd week yet)
They only show the two weeks for Akanishi and compare the numbers
So of course it looks like he's selling the most

Do they want to be number 1 by making up things to this point?
Akanishi is a wonder as well, but his fans are a weird group of people too

・Lying about the "We want to see this ikemen on TV right now" ranking

104 :名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!:2010/07/15(木) 14:21:41
Published on the free paper「Nimo」
「Ikemen celebrities we want to see on TV right now」

1、Fukuyama Masaharu
2、Yamashita Tomohisa
3、Mizushima Hiro
4、Satou Ken
5、Akanishi Jin
6、Mukai Osamu
7、Oda Yuuji
9、Oguri Shun
10、Wentz Eiji

106 :名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!:2010/07/15(木) 14:24:26
Number 5 isn't Akanishi but Ookura
What are you going to do by bringing in such a lie?
Did you want to change this conversation's flow? lol

110 :名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!:2010/07/15(木) 14:30:02
11 :名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。 :10/07/15 11:25 ID:???
Published on free paper「Nimo」
「Ikemen celebrities we want to see on TV right now」

1、Fukuyama Masaharu
2、Yamashita Tomohisa
3、Mizushima Hiro
4、Satou Ken
5、Ookura Tadayoshi
6、Mukai Osamu
7、Oda Yuuji
9、Oguri Shun
10、Wentz Eiji

Wow it's true. I looked it up and it came up right away
What the hell are his fans doing?

・Akanishi fans' traits ・ Puts down the other members to praise Akanishi

* Kame fans are the bad ones
* We're AT-TUN (lol) TTUN are Nishi's supporters! TTUN fans too!
* Akanishi's fans' sole weapon, boasting about sales
* Akanishi's comments that we don't understand are lies
* If it's not a lie, give a source
* If you give a source, they run
* If they find it painful, they'll use sharp words
* If they can't debate, they troll with copy and paste material
* Not very good in Japanese

Akanishi fans' den
\(^o^)/ Let's make it AT-TUN【67】\(^o^)/
A thread where they just insult and make up lies with no foundation. They only talk about Akanishi so it looks like there are no TTUN fans
(目、目様=Kamenashi、目厨=Insulting way of saying Kamenashi fans)


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