Akanishi Jin's Famous Quote Compliation

This is all stuff that Akanishi Jin said in official magazines, media, and concerts.
(Some are paraphrased or worded more bluntly to get the underlying meaning across)

I wanted to snark at all of these so much
  • Things that I don't want to do, I never want to do (05年POTATO 12月号)
  • I only want to sing the songs I want to sing
  • No matter who the director is, I won't say a line that I don't want to say (movie magazine)
  • I don't want to be categorized by the people around me. The reason why is because my private life is my first priority rather than work. My viewpoint is different from everyone else (Sukkiri → Afterwards, he gets laughed at @ Gokuraku Katou's radio show「吠え魂」)
  • I don't care no matter what I'm told
  • I think the music I want to do will be understood more overseas
  • I want to try being a movie director, I saw Kobayashi-san doing it and it looked like I could do it too (movie magazine)
  • I had most of lyrics to the new song changed (Monthly Songs)
  • Because I'm better than the staff
  • I don't want to go on a tour (with KAT-TUN) unless I have my own room (Only Star)
  • There hasn't been anything good about being in KAT-TUN so far. Something good about being in KAT-TUN? If I had to say something, it's that I get pampered (The Television 09年40号)
  • Because KAT-TUN's always been disagreeing from the beginning (Super Morning)
  • KAT-TUN is like a collab (TV Asahi interview & pamphlet)
  • A common feature between LANDS and KAT-TUN is the number of people when I'm not there, maybe? It's a place to laugh (BANDAGE Complete Showing Stage Greeting)
  • My fans are tolerant of misbehavior so they accept anything for me
  • (About cartoon KAT-TUN location shoots from here-on after) I don't know at all. Member change? You don't have to do that~ It's fine as it is right now (The Television 09年9月23日発売号)
  • I go home after finishing interviews quickly. Slow guys piss me off (The Television 09年9月23日発売号)
  • I'm herbivorous (passive) at work, and carnivorous (active) in my private life (BANDAGE Interview)
  • (After talking about MaiFami which he wasn't even asked about) If you show KAT-TUN in kanji, they're strangers (idol mag)
  • I don't want to do anything besides sing
  • (When asked if being solo is more fun than KAT-TUN) That's right (6/29東スホ)
  • (When asked if he keeps in contact with the members) No, not really (6/29東スポ)
  • I think I lost my work since I put my private life first (laughs)
  • I laugh/smile during my solo work. The 6 (KAT-TUN) isn't my core, it's myself (VoCE)
  • A job isn't life's priority. What's important is family, friends, and lover. I'll figure out something if I lose my job, but I don't want to lose neither family, friends, or lover. (VoCE 2010年2月号)
  • I 100% can't understand those called idols (strained laugh). Living up to what fans want isn't for me. Plus, I clearly say that I don't want to do it if it's something I don't want to do. Please don't hold a big dream about Akanishi Jin (VoCE 2010年2月号)
  • Nothing good comes from doing something you don't want to do. I also know that you can't only do what you want (RAY)
  • (Before the secret live) I don't practice. I wasn't told by Kobayashi-san to do it either (MISS)
  • (At the time he's 25) I might not be doing this work 5 years later (MISS)
  • What makes me get excited and gives me energy is always my private life (MORE)
  • KAT-TUN fans are all old people with heavy make up (P's solo con)
  • (About YamaP's fans being nice) KAT-TUN's fans are influenced by Koki
  • I wouldn't be able to stop in the middle after getting to a good spot like Natsu, I'd go to the end (About girls, wouldn't make sense unless you know of BANDAGE) (The Television 11/25発売号)
  • Truthfully speaking, there hasn't been anyone who could 100% understand my thoughts and ideas until now. Director Kobayashi is the first (The Television 11/25発売号)
  • I'm definitely the best in sense
  • It doesn't pay if there aren't any friends amongst the members. My goal is to do music with my friends (Pia EX 3/1号 )
  • If I had a family, I'd be able to do my best with work (Bokura no Jidai Fuji TV 1月17日放送)
  • Right now, I work for the sake of my private life. Work is second (Bokura no Jidai Fuji TV 1月17日放送)
  • I don't talk much unless I'm friends with them. My only friends in the entertainment world are Nishikido and Yamashita (Hanamaru)
  • I won't sing unless all of you put your penlights and uchiwa down (2009年 con WONDER)
  • If you have complaints, tell Johnny-san. Because Johnny-san is the one who put me in KAT-TUN (2009年con)
  • (For his solo live) It's best if people who like idols don't come. Uchiwas are banned too (TV Pia 1/9-1/24)
  • If I was told to quit my job for my friends or family, I would (TV Pia)
  • When I'm in front of the camera, I'm bad with people I don't know so my tension goes down (cartoon KAT-TUN Senpai Okite SP)
  • (Memories about Oricon and Only Star) Not much since we've been #1 since our debut. (Only Star's) photoshoots are long. I'd be happy if you shortened it (Only Star)
  • Idols don't continue on forever (An An) SMAP would like a word with you
  • (About breaking up with a lover) I'd break up after discussing it. For example, if I had to go to LA for 6 months or something (グータン)
  • I said I'd be back in half a year! (The fans etc) made too much of a ruckus! (09con DVDSP Proof that he didn't say it)
  • (About New Years' song programs and SMAPxSMAP) My head is filled with my solo con stuff so I don't really remember much (Only Star)
  • If I could become a soccer player, I'm ready to quit my work right now (Smile and endure it)
  • (What are the songs you like and dislike?) The sound I dislike is "kya-kya-"ing (Cinema☆Cinema No.21 )
  • Even if I'm told "Be self-conscious!", it's impossible. I don't know how I'm supposed to do that (Cinema Square)
  • (Words that make your tension go up or down) Words that make it go up: "You don't have work tomorrow!". Words that make it go down: "You have work tomorrow morning" (Cinema Square vol.28)
  • (If you were to rank friendship, love, and work) Love, friendship, work (quick answer) (Cinema Square vol.28)
  • (A message in English to the fans) Hmmmmm. I can't think of one. Since I haven't said a message in English before. (omission) At any rate, this time is "Bye bye!" (laughs) (ViVi)
  • (About BANDAGE) I thought that leaving the band was strangely real for me... (The Television 09年11月28日号)
  • (Impression of the '09 con) This time in Osaka, I played with my friends at a club (laughs) (The Television 2009年36号西日本版)
  • (After Nakamaru comments that he thought about working harder after watching Ueda and Kamenashi's solo con/butai, he asks "What about Akanishi?") It doesn't interest me (TV Pia 2010 New Years SP)
  • (About what he doesn't want to do no matter what) A drama with all of KAT-TUN. I'm fine with meeting the members the 1 time every 2 weeks like now (Myojo 11月号)
  • (Words that make you happy) You're big, aren't you (Myojo 11月号)
  • I think I'm more of a behind-the-scenes type, so I might be better of making than appearing. I want to try being a director  (VoCE2月号)
  • To Lady Gaga, let's appear together next time(W誌9月号 伝言板)
  • I only do the music I like. I have to do what I like (Josei Seven 平成21年12月17日発売1月1日号)


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