About the Laser Incident

・About the laser incident
In KAT-TUN's 2010 arena tour's first day in Hokkaido 6/5. It's something that happened at the end when they were introducing the Jrs.
Kamenashi noticed that a laser pointer was being pointed at Tanaka's back and called a staff to warn them.
When he did that, this time, the laser pointer started being pointed towards Kamenashi's face.
On the next day of the concert, the bags were checked to see if we had a laser pointer.
On the next day's MC, KAT-TUN talked about how on the day of the incident, they went to eat sushi with the president and while they didn't say any details, they talked about how they were "depressed for some reason"

・ According to the G4 Hokkaido report where news of the laser incident was first pointed out
(Next to the date and time is the cellphone model)

After the encore, when they were introducing the juniors, was the one pointing a laser at Koki-tan's back and Kame a fan?
Is there a person who saw what Kame said to the staff after that?
SH005 06/05 23:20

126 I saw it! I was right beside center stage, but the staff and Kame said something to the audience.
N-01A 06/05 23:29

126 I saw it right in front of my eyes so I know it! The friend I went with said that the laser pointed at Kame's eyes so Kame told the staff!
Although it looks like they didn't find out who did it in the end.
S001 06/05 23:30

126 What the hell is that. So scary
SH-01B 06/05 23:30

So there's someone who saw it!? Kame looked a bit pissed huh. Kame said a mouthful to the staff
SH005 06/05 23:36

Huh? Kame called the staff?
SH-06A 06/05 23:38

I saw Kame saying something to the staff, but I didn't know about the laser.
How scary
P-03A 06/05 23:40

126 I was wondering what you were talking about, but it was that
I saw it before it happened so it was a fan's doing
S001 06/05 23:41

He could've lost his sight, what were they thinking. That's a crime
940SC 06/05 23:44

It's dangerous, so I wish they'd stop
SH906iTV 06/05 23:45

How scary. It's possible to lose your eyesight with lasers ne
N906i 06/05 23:48

They didn't catch the person with the laser? The hell, that fan, don't fuck around
824P 06/05 23:53

Were lasers that big?
SH906iTV 06/05 23:55

Soccer hooligans use lasers to harass, right? And aim at sight loss
I wish that fan would be caught
920SH 06/05 23:58

I heard the person with a laser was taken in by the staff, or did I hear wrong?
I wonder what they were thinking. What if they don't come to Hokkaido anymore, I'd hate that
SH-06A 06/06 00:14

Did the group with the uchiwa that had x on Kame point a laser at his eyes?
SH003 06/06 00:39

173 I saw it too, but the laser was first pointed at Koki's back
It was kind of cool how Kame noticed and pointed it out
W44K 06/06 01:59

On the next day's report, they talked about how Johnny-san took the depressed members out to eat sushi, it was a relief that the president had come to Hokkaido by chance
After this, Johnny-san goes with KAT-TUN to Shokura, Intex Osaka, and Korea

From the second day on, they would ask "You don't have a laser?"
The fans who went there for the first time didn't seem to understand the fast talk
(They wouldn't think that there was a laser incident the day before)

During the MC of the 2nd day, the staff called out to a fan in the A16 area
There are reports that said they seemed to be asking them something
It's unknown whether they're related to the laser incident or something completely different...

・Rumors around 5 membered KAT-TUN5's continuous troubles, is it Akanishi's grudge?
Akanishi fans' show abnormal harassment!? Uchiwa with insults and aiming at eyes!?
The 5 members of KAT-TUN are currently holding a tour without Akanishi Jin.
Good remarks such as "Their unity has strengthened" "They've become closer and so the fanservice is good too" can be heard here and there.
But those who are not amused by this are the zealous Akanishi fans.
During the concert, there were fans who held uchiwa with insults about non-Akanishi members etc and there was a sudden outburst of harassment.
(below is quoted)
「During K(KAT-TUN)'s concert, they would hold uchiwa with insults at non-A(赤西)members while slandering them, and they would shout "Let's do a J(in) call". I don't know what they want to do
On top of that, during a certain concert, there was a fan that aimed at T-kun and K-kun with a laser pointer.
He had turned back so the light hit his back, and K-kun who noticed that went towards T-kun to warn him, but then this time they aimed at K-kun's eyes
They warned the guards, but I'm sure that was A's fan」(A fan that went to the concert)
There are possibilities of failing eyesight and damage to the retina as after effects of being hit in the eye with a laser.
If they did this while knowing that, it is a criminal act
In a past K concert, there were reports of wildly zealous fans hitting T-kun with blowguns, but this time around there are more acts and more dangerous deeds.
This is in the midst of A-fans now calling "Let's bring A-kun's uchiwa to the final Tokyo Dome concert so his presence won't be erased!"
(Quoted from 「BUBKA」)
If this is true, it's abnormal, or rather, scary...
I think there are pure Akanishi fans, and those supporting the group, but I don't want to be grouped with them because of the one strange portion of fans...
There have been stalker-like fans in Johnny's from the past who do not care for rules called "yarakashi", but it'd be nice of we could have fun concerts while upholding the rules...


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