Fabrications from Akanishi Fans【Member Bashing Compilation】

・Akanishi fans that calmly falsify what many fans witnessed first hand, Akanishi not appearing during an encore, towards Kamenashi

957 :名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!:2010/06/15(火) 13:19:07.32
The one that didn't appear was Kame
In reality, Nishi was at the entrance, but then Kame was in a bad mood so there was no encore
The 目厨 are the ones terrible for saying Nishi is the one that makes it rain and saying it's Nishi's fault for there not being an encore

958 :名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!:2010/06/15(火) 13:19:10.34
They say "because we're bad"

・Akanishi fans that falsify that Kamenashi acts violently towards the staff

249 :名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!:2010/07/15(木) 21:32:39
How many times has Kamenashi kicked the trolley staff with this?
Who knows what he does backstage if this is what he does in public
↑It's the 0th time
In the Intex Osaka concert, the trolley that Kamenashi was on went on the wrong route
Kamenashi tried to yell to the staff to tell them of the mistake, but the staff couldn't hear because of the loud screams
He kicked the trolley railing to get the staff's attention before he kept going on without noticing
Instead, they're trying to lie that he kicked the staff
(In reality, Kamenashi yelled "It's the wrong way! That way!" but the staff didn't notice
They finally noticed when Kamenashi kicked the trolley. There's nothing else you can do but that in the midst of that much noise.
Plus it's quite impossible to kick the staff while you're on the trolley)

・Akanishi fans falsify and misinterpret things that TTUN said to make it sound as if they protected Akanishi
201:名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!sage2010/07/06(火) 00:35:23
Junno talked about Nishi in Hokkaido
↑There's not a single report about it

206:名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!sage2010/07/06(火) 00:36:09
Ueda said we're all close so there's no need to ask one by one
↑What he said on Orista was "us" as in the 5 members. Akanishi was not included

207:名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!sage2010/07/06(火) 00:36:11
Koki also normally said Nishi's name in a magazine
↑He hasn't mentioned him once

・Attacks against senpai group Arashi
631 :ユー&名無しネ:2010/07/09(金) 14:53:12 ID:U+TDSIUd0
Tell me what the hell Nishi stans did to Arashi!

685 :ユー&名無しネ:2010/07/18(日) 18:18:07 ID:yXxZ1lYC0
They went to an Arashi con with Arashi fans
"Arashi, disband"
They put an x on Sho-kun's face (uchiwa)

What's rumored is that Aiba is quick to cry, so they said something horrible to him up close

686 :ユー&名無しネ:2010/07/18(日) 21:35:14 ID:eI/fadcR0
During Ohno's talk part in last week's special Arashiden
You can see a person with a big Akanishi uchiwa in the very first row

・Akanishi fans that blame Kamenashi for Taguchi ignoring Akanishi during the 2010年7/25 con

396:07/26(月) 15:37 [sage]
But when Kame said "You haven't co-starred in a drama with another member, right?" towards Taguchi, I thought my eyes were going to pop out

目厨 ignored this and raised a ruckus using Junno ne

You know, this isn't something that Kame said towards him, but Junno just normally commented that he didn't co-star, ne? Anooooother lie?

433 :名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!:2010/07/27(火) 00:09:59
That twitter is a Akanishi fan's
Their whole text is this:

But when Kame said "You haven't co-starred in a drama with another member, right?" towards Taguchi, I thought my eyes were going to pop out
"No, he co-starred with Akanishi-kun! What bomb are you throwing! It's Taguchi's newest drama too!"

By the way, his newest drama is Kochikame

This is what they're tweeting

They're thoughtlessly doing fanservice while using flattery gimmicks towards the fans, but watch over them d(^_^o)

501 :名無し戦隊ナノレンジャー!:2010/07/27(火) 01:07:46
When Maru announced that he'll be in a drama, they started talking about playing as various characters and they named various roles
Then they commented that Kame, Koki, and Maru appeared together in Kindaichi, and whether Ueda and Kame appeared together and whether other members appeared together.
Then they asked Junno whether he's appeared with another member and he answered that he's never done so.

・Akanishi fans take parts out of Kamenashi's Myojo interview with evil intentions and use it to bash
This is the copy&paste

Maru: Normal, self defense mechanism is peerless, if something inconvenient is said, he repeatedly says rash words so they can't use the scene
Ueda: A person on his... own path, he's become more soft compared to the past
Koki: Always greedy, always thinks about making good appeals
Junno: Stubborn and sharp tongued, easy to influence

↓In reality 
Myojo 9月号

Maru: A normal guy. KAT-TUN is full of weird guys including myself, so it's important to have a guy like him who can look at his surroundings and balance us out. On the other side, his defense mechanisms are peerless. During a PV filming, if something inconvenient towards him is said, he'll calmly repeat "unko/shit" so we can't use the scene. I think "You'll go so far to protect yourself~?" Well, even though that doesn't work anymore so that part got included in the PV making of.

Ueda: A person... on his own path. Rather than my pace, he clearly knows what he wants to do. Unlike me, who lives through intuition, he properly thinks about things as he goes forward. I think he's the most picky in KAT-TUN. We always take a shower before concerts, but the only one that always does it right on time is Ueda. I thought that consistency is really good of him. But even so, I think he's gotten softer when compared to the past.

Tanaka: The one in charge of "hunger" and "power". He's always wanting something. But he's kind of cute because there's a side of him that's like a dog that goes "Look look. listen listen~". Plus he surprisingly cares about what people around him think. He recently asked me "We're showing recommended snacks in a program, but what's good?". And when I answered "You drink protein drinks lately so isn't that fine?" he went "What about something more fashionable?". I mean, he doesn't even eat stylish desserts so why is he caring about making a favorable impression so much?

Taguchi: The one that gets tsukkomied KAT-TUN. He's stubborn and has a sharp mouth. For example, Taguchi says "This isn't very good ne". Then someone tries to deny it with a "Really~?", right? Then he's the type of guy to answer "It's definitely way disgusting". (laughs) I think he has the most wide range of associates within the members, but in both good and bad ways, he's easy to influence. His fashion and hobbies change too, so it's easy to tell what kind of friends he's hanging around with at the moment.

・Akanishi fans' traits ・ Puts down the other members to praise Akanishi

* Kame fans are the bad ones
* We're AT-TUN (lol) TTUN are Nishi's supporters! TTUN fans too!
* Akanishi's fans' sole weapon, boasting about sales
* Akanishi's comments that we don't understand are lies
* If it's not a lie, give a source
* If you give a source, they run
* If they find it painful, they'll use sharp words
* If they can't debate, they troll with copy and paste material
* Not very good in Japanese

Akanishi fans' den
\(^o^)/ Let's make it AT-TUN【67】\(^o^)/
A thread where they just insult and make up lies with no foundation. They only talk about Akanishi so it looks like there are no TTUN fans
(目、目様=Kamenashi、目厨=Insulting way of saying Kamenashi fans)


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