Akanishi Bad-Mouths the Members in Clubs

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This is a question for those who have seen Akanishi Jin-san at clubs.
I heard the story that he and his friends bad-mouths the KAT-TUN members in clubs with English mixed in, but to those who know what he specifically said, please teach me.
Please hold back emotional answers. I just want to know the truth.

*Best Answer*
This is something that my friend actually heard.
This made me completely hate Jin.
It's from last year.
"Their songs are too out of fashion"
"I hate them making me sing the same kind of song each time"
"The (fan's) cosplay is disgusting"
"I'll never become friends with them (the members) in my life"
After that, it was insults about the individual members.
This is what my friend heard at LEX, but there should be many people among those who met him at LEX that have heard it.

*Other answers, chronologically backwards (think twitter)*

So it was true, wasn't it ><
I heard a lot of rumors about it but I was wondering if it was true!!
Even by just looking at the pictures that leak, all the people with Akanishi-kun don't look like nice people so it scares me ><

Akanishi is this sort of indecent guy (pictures from Azabujuban festival the other day)
In any case, it seems that he likes sticking out his tongue
He normally talks in front of the members, and then insults them while sticking out his tongue in the shadows
Akanishi is the guy with a mask
The guy with the white Tshirt on is that guy that's always hanging out with him
Akanishi went shopping with a girl and played a the same club he always does yesterday too

When I see these answers, it makes me think of how amazing money and influential power is (Johnny's).

It's finally come up to the surface
Such information came out much earlier too, but there were many people of the general public whose blog was attacked by Akanishi's fans for writing it, so they deleted the entry.
There was even a blog owner that wrote "Even though I only wrote the truth, Akanishi-kun's fans spoke very harshly to me"
But the truth is the truth
Just how much Akanishi and those around him say bad things about KAT-TUN and the staff, and the music composers who are with KAT-TUN
I know Akanishi fans who stopped being his fans because of this
There's no smoke without fire

There's a lot of information appearing ne
I've also seen many people who aren't even fans write that they saw Jin-kun at a club insulting KAT-TUN's oo.
At first I thought "No way", but it isn't just one or two of such reports
On top of that, because of his attitude and the stuff he says while he's in KAT-TUN, I began to become suspicious of him.
So I can imagine that Josh, who is close friends with Jin-kun, can insult Kame-chan and KAT-TUN because Jin-kun normally does it.
Because if Jin-kun normally talked of how important KAT-TUN and Kame-chan are, there's no way a friend would insult them.

It isn't at a club, but I saw him walking in the neighborhood
I didn't get a good feeling because Akanishi-kun's face was looking pale and those with him had bad expressions
He was also smaller than I thought
At that time, I felt that he and the other 5 of KAT-TUN were completely different so it's a good thing he withdrew from the group
I'm sorry, I don't have any direct stories of him insulting people in clubs, but I hear about it often

It's true that Akanishi-kun insults them.
My acquaintance personally heard it
It seems their impression was that Akanishi-kun is a careless guy.

It's the worst ne. I wonder how KAT-TUN felt while being with Akanishi-kun this whole time...
Akanishi-kun doesn't deserve to be in Johnny's, he's not even fully human

It was true after all. People who aren't even fans write about Jin insulting KAT-TUN every now and then on their blogs, and last year it became a small gossip around my area too.
It seems that it's something that people who normally go to clubs know and it isn't rare.
There are quite a few people who are taken back by this and it seems that the Akanishi Troop has a bad reputation.

It's something I heard from my sister's boyfriend(?), but he seems to say it normally in Japanese too.

The contents are like what the person below said.
On top of that, I heard that towards the foreigners that speak ill of KAT-TUN, he said (in English) "You guys understand it! You're the best" and they both burst into laughter.
It seems the other customers looked unamused (the guys were making fun of them) and said "Yuck".

He said that he couldn't ever be friends with them in his life or something (laughs)
It's 1000 years too soon for such a hoodlum with Akanishi's attitude to become friends with Kame and the others (burst of laughter)

It feels like it's finally come out now
I personally liked Akanishi back then
But Akanishi trampled on that feeling
Many people hear that he insults them in clubs
The news came out here and there a while back too
Plus there are people around me who went to clubs themselves, saw Akanishi, and stopped being his fans
This is why I can't forgive Akanishi alone
He doesn't put down KAT-TUN just in magazines
That's why I've come to hate him so much
Of course I dislike his fans too, but I have no faith in Akanishi's human character anymore
I think that Ueda's Rabbit or Wolf is about Akanishi
Plus, even though there was such a big ruckus about it, Ueda didn't deny it so he practically consented to it
If you see Akanishi at a club, you'll see that Rabbit or Wolf can't be about anything but him
Plus it seems that he thinks of fans who wave penlights and uchiwa as idiots?
He's the type who would laugh and think of Kame as an idiot for stirring up the waving even more
If so, he should quit the jimusho, no?
He said that the members were all annoying loud-mouthed sister-in-laws, but they say those things because they're thinking of Akanishi, aren't they?
Aren't you supposed to value such people who caution you like that?
I think that the Akanishi who just wants to hang around and be carefree around those who say nothing but kind things to him is rotting

If what everyone is writing is true, it's really too bad.
Even if it isn't true, is he ok with his club photos being leaked everywhere and those around him tweeting unnecessary things?
The other day, a backdancer tweeted saying something like "Let's support him more" and so the fans all tweeted supportive messages at at fixed time together, but does he think of the people who meddle with his work as a plus?
For example, you can get a lot of money if your song is used for a Johnny's song. But yours isn't really used.
If Akanishi-kun himself can choose the song, you have a better chance of getting chosen since you're friends.
So that's why I'm suspecting that those around him advised him to go solo but stay in Johnny's

I didn't see them at a club, but I saw 3 guys: Akanishi-kun, some hoodlum looking guy with a tattoo on his arm, and a foreigner walking together at Roppongi and they gave a very bad feeling.
Akanishi-kun wore loose pants, a parka, and a cap but his walking was sloppy.
Akanishi-kun's friend keibo=JOSH-san definitely made fun of Kamenashi-kun's solo performance on twitter and tweeted something like how Going wouldn't sell but they were deleted.

If these answers are true then I've definitely become disillusioned...
I don't feel like listening to songs when they were 6 members anymore. Does that mean that the reason he doesn't say much about his feeling towards fans isn't because he's bad at talking, but because he doesn't think anything?
Speaking of which, if it's really true, he'll dry out in time... is Akanishi ok? The reason so many photos of him are leaked are because his followers aren't good, right?
I wonder if there's no one that admonishes him. I distrust those around him, aaah I don't want to believe it...

Was it 1582? It is, right?
If he thinks badly of that, he might have similar thoughts about Japanese traditional kabuki too.
I haven't been to a club before, but we can't do anything about him using abusive language after all this time, and alcohol can change a person's character, and everyone has dissatisfaction towards their work. I just wonder how the staff around him besides his friends think.
Out of money, out of friends; a Tengu statement; there are many proverbs about caution from the olden days, but I wonder how he thinks he's being seen as. I'm sure it's stressful.

Akanishi-kun's friend called Kame-chan gay on twitter, right?
I wonder if Akanishi-kun won't say anything about that?

He's seriously the worst! I've seriously become disillusion towards this guy!
I want the money I paid for this guy until now back!
Plus having been his fan will be nothing but a black mark on my history!
He says insults towards KAT-TUN and even insults the fans everywhere!
He's really the worst
Thanks to whom does this shit think he's appearing on TV!?
And I was surprised at how ugly Jin is in real life
Seriously disillusioned
Seriously the worst
If you hate Japanese people so much, then go move overseas!
What the hell do you take fans for

I always see Akanishi. He's bad~ That guy. He's indecent! He only likes foreign girls!
He always insults KAT-TUN. Once he gets drunk, more slang starts getting mixed in. Although you can more or less tell what it is.
There a lot of insulting idols, criticizing lyricists and composers of their songs? I think. He says that all the songs are out of fashion or how they have zero sense.
Also, Kamenashi and Tanaka's names often come up. And lately Ueda? At any rate, he doesn't say anything good
The foreign guys around Akanishi especially insult Kamanashi and Ueda. The foreigners around Akanishi seriously have horrible personalities.
Akanishi hears them and bursts out in laughter. I apologize to the fans, but he's not a good guy

I personally heard the same kind of stuff as the person below.
It's just that I'm not good at English so I'm not sure if my interpretation of it is correct ;
But I'm sure that it's insults since his spot is close or the same.
And the one I understood had insults about the songs as the main topic.


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