Akanishi Jin's Magazine Interview Compilation 1

◆In magazine interviews
・Pia EX (3/1号)
What's important is not musicianship but the relationship with the members.
To be more specific, there's no gain if there aren't any friends amongst the members.
People are most important in my case, so if I had to choose a 「goal」 it'd be 「Doing music with my friends」.
I have people who like music and actually make songs around me
When asked whether work or friends are more important, he quickly answers 「friends」

・Only Star
Kobatake「I went to your dome after party but I thought you guys were unexpectedly friendly with each other (laughs)
I understood that Akanishi values them too」
Akanishi「......yeah (laughs)」
Kobatake「That's unfair, it was a good way to enter right now (laughs)
(omission) You guys were more friendly than I had imagined, right? There's good parts of being in a group too, isn't there?」
Akanishi「It's bothersome at times too since I don't like being crowded around. But more ideas can be collected if there's more people...」
― Any other advantages of being in a group?
Akanishi「...That's it」

・Pict up
When asked if the higher ups ask him 「(the success of this movie) depends on you」
「Ah, I get told that but I think "You don't really think that, do you?"」

「I have several people I'm friendly with in this world like Yamashita, and the times we eat together, play indoor football, etc is the most fun time.
I got told "Make me a song too" by Yamashita so I quickly made one and it looks like it was used for his concert's appearance scene. Although I didn't receive any money for it (laughs)」
― What do you want to do at this moment?
「Besides dating a HOT girl? (laughs) Then I want to travel around the world.
There's influences from my family and surroundings too, and I have friends in various countries so I want to go visit them. Not for sightseeing, but I like living in the countries. I can adjust no matter where I go」
「I might not be in the entertainment world 10 years later (laughs) I mean, I'm not the idol type, you know?」

「I just can't. The way how people called idols think, their attitude towards work and private lives, I 100% can't do that myself (strained laugh). I'm not suited to answer to what the fans want.」
「Even if it's a work that I get told "Do it" or "It's best if you do it", I clearly tell them "I don't want to" if I don't want to. Um... but I'm happy that people enjoy what we make. It's just I don't really like people having expectations from me individually... so, I'd like to say this now! "Please don't have excessive dreams about Akanishi Jin!" (laughs)」

But ironically, he is in a business that offers dreams. Pulling his unique seemingly far, close, cold, hot, realistic, unrealistic, sweet, bitter "atmosphere".

「Of course I can't thank the fans enough. But to me, work is... to put it simply, it's something that's there so I can enjoy my private life. Work isn't life's priority. So I don't really have any aspirations that make me go 「I want to do this」. Plus, if there's something I want to do, I think I can say so and have it come true」
「In a magazine interview, I just commented that I want to appear in a movie in a light way but it really came true (laughs)」
「What's important are my family, friends, and lover if I have one (laughs). I'll make do even if I lose my job, but I don't want to lose my family, friends, or lover.」

When asked questions about work, he would dodge the question at times so when I asked 「Akanishi-san, are you possibly the type that purposely goes against people/twist words around?」, he answered 「Eh? Me? I'm super honest!」 with round eyes.

Do you want to try another movie?
「(omission) I think I'm more fit for backstage so I think I would be better off making than appearing. I want to try being a director.」
What do you do to refine your sensitivity and make various expressions?
「Watching movies and listening to music are both "hobbies". I don't do it for work」
During the filming he was「saved by the scene's atmosphere」

「I partied with a large amount of people until 6 in the morning... although it's work, it's my bad」(omission)
He enters the studio with a low tension

Something the cool Akanishi-kun really prays for...
「I don't really have any "I want to become like this person" for work but I have a lot of wishes for my private life」
In regards to the question「For example?」
He immediately replies 「I want kids」 without hesitation
「I want to be a young dad so I have to hurry」

「I don't have any wants towards work so I'm a herbivore (passive), but I'm a carnivore (active) with that kind of stuff (love and marriage). (laughs) 」
「This kind of person would be inexcusable if it was just one era before」
「If I don't want to do it, I don't do it」
「I think I'll change the way I live once I have a family. I've made my resolve? for that」

・vivi 2008年7月号
Frankly speaking, what do you think your "Title" is?
「"Freeter (a person that lives off of part time jobs)" (laughs) Yeah. I honestly hate being called an idol」

(From him talking about when he entered the company)
But I really want to become a soccer player even now!! (laughs)
I'll seriously become a soccer player in the future!!
If an offer comes, I'll instantly accept it (laughs)

・Tarzan 2008年7月23日号 No.515
He was obsessed with soccer in his school days. If he has time, he enjoys tennis with his tennis player friend.
「I want to try doing soccer seriously. (omission) To the point I want to become a soccer player even now. I'm confident that I'll stick with any hard training if it's for that」

・POPYE 2008年7月
Who do you go (omission) drinking with?
「Friends that aren't the members (laughs)」
「I don't change myself depending on the work. I don't have a switch (laughs) but I clearly divide my work and private life.」

・BOAO 2008年7月
「(omission) I like pretty people. I wonder if that means that outer appearance is important? I hate people who have horrible personalities. (omission) The pretty people I'm talking about includes personality too.」

― What Japanese phrase do you like?
"It'll be ok in one way or another"

― Regardless of Akanishi-san going out in the world, it feels like you aren't really giving it your all yet?
「Me? ...I'm giving it my all (laughs)」

― Are there any overseas actors or such that makes you go 「This kind of person is good」?
「Rather than the people, I'm jealous of the overseas environment.
The stuff I want to do would fit the system over there more.
Or rather, it's easier to do there.
There's a lot of annoyances if it's in Japan.
They don't have that over there」

「The me that was made by the people in the entertainment world has a lot.
But on the other hand, there's a lot of people on my side cheering for me.
So I think that it's ok if only the people who understand, understand.
I won't really regret it if things come to an end because I go through with this attitude.」
― Are you strengthening your resolve on that side?
「That's right. Then I'll go to the next place」

― Do you want to make things your whole life? No matter how you become
「Yes. Because I like music」
― So it's music in the end as expected?
「No. Not just music. I like taking movies too」
「I want to be a director someday
It's ok if you don't put my name on it either
I'm studying filming right now. Every now and then I carry the lights too」

― Then we look forward to the day that we can see Akanishi Jin's movie
「Well, I don't know if one can be shown on screen, but I make movies.
And right now, I'm doing my best to make songs
There's nothing I can do besides doing things while thinking "It'll work out in one way or another"」


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