Akanishi Jin's Magazine Interview Compilation 2

・T. 2009 winter No.8
(Continuing from what he got by continuing with work) Then do you have anything that you lost?
「I basically work for the sake of my private life so I haven't lost anything. Maybe my work? (laughs) I think I lost my work because I put my private life first (laughs)」
(If he gets more movie jobs because of this movie) Then you'd have to sacrifice your private life (omission)
「I'll fiddle with the schedule so it isn't sacrificed (laughs) Although it's a joke (laughs)」

・Cinema Square vol.28
Q.What's your driving force for work?
「Private life. All the important people. I do my best with work so I can prioritize my private life.」
Q.(omission) Do you continue to contact the people you became friendly with during filming?
「Occa~sionally there are people I only contact during the filming. (omission) Like Taguchi (Junnosuke) (laughs)」
Do you want the KAT-TUN members to watch too?
「That's right. Of course, not by a private showing but at the theater with them properly paying (laughs)」
「I don't really care about "because they're a leading person" "because they're a newbie".」

・Hanako Tokyo ver 2010年1月14日号
What is a man's job?
「A job is a way to protect my life style. (omission) It's one factor to replenish my private life.」
A Japanese man's definition is "work is life" but it seems that you don't keep aware of that.
「Yes, I don't. (laughs) (omission) I basically like music and movies so (omission) of course I find the work right now interesting and fun. (omission) But my private life and work are completely different things.」
It seems that Akanishi-san has a vision.
「For example, I want to become a composer for other artists. I want to be a movie director too and I want to appear in an overseas movie. (omission) For my life style, I'd like to have my private life overseas and work in Japan.」
About the movies
「What I thought was real was (omission) the scene about retiring.」
What about the way you'll socialize with the director after this?
「(omission) I wonder if he won't let me appear in Misuchiru's (Mr. Children) concert (laughs)」
Do you want KAT-TUN's members to see it too?
「Yes, with them properly paying money... (laughs)」

・The Television 2009年11月28日号
「I'm bad at expression myself in words, so there honestly wasn't a person who 100% understood me until now」
「Director Kobayashi is the first to understand」
「"I wouldn't be able to stop in the middle after getting to a good spot like Natsu, I'd go to the end" (About girls, wouldn't make sense unless you know of BANDAGE) 」
「Since I've become friendly with Director Kobayashi, I want to get a Misuchiru ticket for free... it's a joke (laughs)」
「I want to do a movie with the same crew. Since I'm shy, I want to do one with people that get me (laughs))」

・2010年1月 with
I'm basically a person who's no good unless I can do what I want (laughs) I want to fuss about what I think and I say what I want to say. (omission)
If I start thinking that it'll become a bother to continue with an opinion for any other (laughs) I'll quickly draw back and think of another way.
(omission) So that I can do what I want to do.」
Yeah, I want to try taking a movie. I want to try passing Kobayashi Takeshi! (laughs)
I just want to continue doing what I find fun. I'll go with my own pace from here on too

・TV navi 2010年3月号
「If a stranger saw me, they'd probably think I'm unsociable」
― People think you're unsociable? (Even though your eyes are sparkling so much)
「I don't kno~w (laughs)」
「Since I say various things on various magazines... wouldn't my image have become definite because of those?」

The highlighted parts are Akanishi's words. More than half of it is the writer talking.

・wink up 2009年11月号
― If you were to have a different life from now, you would've become this kind of person in their 20s
「Married with a child. Ideally 3 children. In Japan without migrating overseas maybe? I might have been living in America since they can understand what I'm saying, but it's best to live in Japan」

・non-no 2006年19号
That day, Akanishi-kun seemed to be irritated.
About the image that wasn't like him going on its own and the predictable adult society.
The topic goes onto businessmen who put their work over family and Japan's closedness in everyone conforming
「I have more foreign friends than Japanese. Even when I was young, the household that was like family were Spanish their mother and child's friend were my friends too. It's really mostly foreign people. So there are times when I'm perplexed at Japanese people's senses」

「(omission) In overseas, they do their best with work as work but they value their family and time too, but Japanese people love work and there are many people who put family second, right?
I'm the opposite. The most important thing to me is spending time with my family and friends. Having a home party while talking about stupid things. It's time that I need.
Work is important too and you have to do it, but I work so that I can have time with my family and friends」

「I want to work overseas. I want to experience many things in various countries. I have a lot of interest in learning languages right now.
This isn't for work, but I just want to meet various people in various countries. My friends can speak Japanese fluently, but their friends can only speak their mother tongue」

「Being "cool" isn't a problem with appearance. I think that cool people are those that do what they want to do freely while holding responsibility.
Although I think that you need time and the help of those around you do do that (omission)」

On the other hand, his goal for his private life is already decided. That is
「I want a normal family. Everyone eating dinner together, taking the kids to the amusement part on an off day.
It's ok if I'm not a celebrity so I want to have a normal family and live every day quietly. I want to be married by the time I'm 25 and want children quick!」

・TV Pia (2010年 New Years sp)
When asked to talk about other members' activities that caught your interest
The other members talk about various impressions but Akanishi stays quiet so the writer asks

─ Akanishi-kun, what activities of the members caught your interest?
Akanishi「I don't care!」
Taguchi「Have a bit more interest~」
Akanishi「If I can, I'll try to care next year (laughs)」

・Only Star(2009年11/27発売号)
A question from a reader
- What did you sympathize with Natsu besides acting as him?
「I can't really sympathize with him」
- Supportive words from the other members?
「There really isn't anything」
- Who did you first tell your first main part about?
「I didn't really notify anyone」
- A song from the 90s that left an impression on your or you want to sing?
「I don't really listen to any」
- How do you get better when you feel down?
「I haven't really felt down before」


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